Holistic Harvest is Now PassinGrass Delivery

Please click here to visit our new site. If you have ordered online from Holistic Harvest your information has been transferred over. You will need to change your password and add your Date of Birth. You can do this by going to My Account then Forgot Your Password? Then click the link in your email and change your password. From My Account you can go to Account Details and then enter your Date of Birth. If you haven't ordered online we will enter your information into our new system. The system requires all ID's to be associated with your account so we might ask you for a picture of your ID and your email to send a receipt. We have been taking orders the past few weeks on our new site and but our official launch with VIP Member discounts will come soon!

We have been working on getting our new license for the past 3 years and the time has come. The only things changing besides our name and website is our new cannabis delivery software. We have the same owner, same employees, and same service. Now that we have our State License we have access to hundreds of brands and thousands of great products. Please give us a call or text with any questions 925-290-5955. We thank you all for being a member over the past years and looking forward to the future!

California State License C9-0000541-LIC