Holistic Harvest Medical Marijuana Delivery

It is now January 2020 and we’re excited for the new year. Over the past four years Holistic Harvest has been helping thousands of patients in the local area and beyond. Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, Walnut Creek, and Tracy are the areas we still deliver to for the most part. As 2020 approaches we are still waiting another month to transition into the Prop 64 market. It’s been a tough road so far, but we’re excited for helping each patient into the future.

For those of you that know, Prop 64 has become a burden to the cannabis industry that most people are not fond of. Tax rates up to 45% and much control and regulation has come of this so called “legalization”. Edibles are capped at 100mg per edible which makes it hard for people who have high tolerances to medicate. About 72% of the cities in California have banned cannabis activity making it hard for some patients to get their medicine. We are now operating out of one of the only cities in the Bay Area that allow commercial cannabis activity, which is Oakland.

Being that we are from Livermore this puts more work on us because we have to drive to Oakland everyday to check-in at the office and then come back to the Tri-Valley to serve our patients and customers. Staying compliant with the California Laws is our goal so it’s just something we have to do. The California Cannabis & Hemp Initiative 2020 is fighting against these rules and regulations this year.

This new year will bring a lot of changes but our service will only improve. We plan on carrying the best products for you guys and expanding our territory. Since hemp is low legal we also officially launched our own CBD compay, PG Organix. We have been making CBD for our patients for about 10 years but now we’ve officially branded it for US shipping across the states and to other countries that allow it.

Thank you for being a part of Holistic Harvest!