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Looking for cannabis singles in your area? PassinGrass.com is the world’s largest cannabis dating network. Over the years they have gained over 50,000 members and increasing daily. PassinGrass has been featured on many sites and it’s popularity has grown increasingly well. The best part, it’s all free. Unlike other dating sites you get to use all of their many features at no price, so you can save your money for weed.

News. The cannabis industry is moving fast and it’s hard to keep up on what’s going on. It’s important that we stay up today on our cannabis news. PassinGrass posts the greatest and latest information from the most trusted resources. Daily articles are made to ensure you stay ahead of the movement.

Shopping. Looking for the best cannabis products? PG has tons of products in their online store. Don’t have what you want there? Check out their shopping mall with over 2 million products!